Sharing Day

This activity is organised to inculcate the value of sharing in children. The children are requested to bring a few of their favourite toys and snacks to the school which they are then encouraged to share with their fellow students. This helps them develop a generous spirit towards those less fortunate than themselves.

Gardening Day

This activity is conducted to make the students aware of the value of the natural environment around us. We help the children learn the various names of plants, shrubs and trees and the ways in which we can protect them. We also show the children how to plant and care for small trees and shrubs. This gives them the idea of the various uses of the environment.

Nutrition Week

Nutrition Week is not for the children alone but also for the parents. This week allows the parents to be aware of the various kinds of healthy food they should be providing to their children in order to facilitate their healthy growth. The school also organises talks by a qualified dietician who sheds light on healthy and harmful foods.

Colour Week

This is a fun activity that is designed not only to aid the children in being aware of the various colours around us but also to promote their creative side. The children discover various shades of the same colour and name them accurately. They are also encouraged to express themselves through the wide array of colours available to them.

Friendship's Day

TAt The South School we also aim to prepare the children for life outside the school walls. Thus, Friendship Day is conducted to encourage the children to develop relationships with their peers so that they can adapt to the various social environments they will face in the future. This helps them develop a sense of comfort in social situations.

Sport's Day

While the academic life of a student is crucial to his or her future, a concentrated emphasis on it alone would not be beneficial to the student. To promote the all round development of the student, The South School conducts an annual Sport's Day to encourage the students to participate in physical activities as well. We place equal emphasis on the physical and mental growth of the student.

Annual Day

The school conducts an Annual Day where each and every student showcases his or her talents on a public stage. This not only improves the confidence level of the children but also allows them to express themselves freely in creative fields. The Annual Day is an event of great pride of the school and is greatly anticipated by the students and teachers alike.

Class Picnic

Each class is taken on a Class Picnic once every year. The picnics are organised in accordance with particular themes that promote the educational experience of the children. The School encourages an appreciation of the natural surroundings by taking the children to botanical gardens and parks and also stimulates their awareness of history and culture by taking them to places with historical relevance. The Class Picnic is an educational experience that is infused with fun and enjoyment to facilitate a better learning experience for the children.

Carnatic Music Lessons

The school also provides Carnatic Music lessons to the students to facilitate a deeper understanding of the musical culture and heritage of India. This gives the students an opportunity to develop their cognitive abilities and pursue this hobby in the future as well.

Religious Festivals

The South School celebrates all major religious festivals, irrespective of the religion. This is done to promote religious tolerance among the children and instil a sense of the religious and cultural diversity of India.

National Festivals

The school celebrates all of the national holidays in the school year.This gives children the patriotic spirit and awareness of the history of the country they belong to.

Science Exhibition

The South School conducts a science fair annually to showcase the knowledge of the students. The students are encouraged to perform the experiments and construct the models they learn in their science classes and demonstrate it to parents and teachers alike. This exercise provides them with the ability to put their knowledge into practice.