The South School believes in combining two methods of teaching, traditional teaching through educators and the usage of visual and audio aids, to ensure that the children have no confusion in their studies. Our school curriculum helps your child excel in language and cognitive learning promoting independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving which are the most basic and fundamental skills.

Wholesome education is made possible by stimulating the minds of the children through sights and sounds which are then combined with the interpretation and direction of the teachers, thus ensuring that the child has a complete understanding of the subjects. The South School also follows a more hands-on approach where the children are required to participate in activities that are related to their course work in order to facilitate their learning.

It is important for the child to be well versed in practical knowledge as well as academic knowledge and the curriculum of the South School is designed in a way that creates a balance between the two.

The South School also provides day care services for working parents. The children are under constant supervision and their requests are well taken care of. The center allows for children to engage in constructive activities with other children in their age group. This will not only help their future education but also aid them in developing their social skills.

At The South School we encourage every child to engage in extracurricular activities during and after school which provides our students an extended opportunity of exploring their many individual skills and passions.

This builds the child's confidence and encourages him to take risks and look at failures in a positive way. These out-of-class activities like Art, Craft, Music, Origamy, Athletics helps children with curriculum-related learning and character building experiences.

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The South School organises a Summer Camp for children who want to hone their extra curricular skills over their summer break. Here, we help children develop their creative side by engaging them in activities like art and craft. The Summer Camp also offers music and dance lessons as well as organises a variety of games that the children can play with one another. This affords the children an opportunity to engage with their peers in a constructive environment.