Infrastructure - The South School has two campuses. The first campus consists of the classrooms for Pre-Nursery, Nursery and LKg. This campus is also equipped with a playground, Montessori activity room and a music and dance room. The second campus consists of the classrooms from UKg to Standard 5. This campus also has a larger playground, a multimedia room and a music and dance room. At the South School we believe in the value of green surroundings in contributing to the atmosphere of the school and the mind set of the children and thus we have planted and preserved several trees and green plants within the school campus.

Interactive Classes - The classrooms provided for the children are spacious and airy so that the children are able to breathe and think freely. They are also filled with posters that are related to the studies of the children as well as the contributions of the children themselves so as to ensure a sense of pride and confidence in the children. There is an emphasis on visual and audio aids as they facilitate a better synthesis between the external world and the content of the children's studies. All in all the infrastructure is designed in a lively and happy spirit that reflects the atmosphere and motto of the school.

The South School greatly emphasizes the importance of books and reading in developing the personality and knowledge of children. We have an extensive library that is used inside and outside of class to incorporate language, vocabulary and imagination in the children. This also contributes to the wider intellectual development of the children.

The library also consists of activity books such as cursive writing, drawing and colouring which aid the children in developing their motor skills. The children from Standard 1 to Standard 5 are given books from the library to take home as part of the curriculum so that the habit of reading is inculcated in the home as well.

The South School provides safe, reliable and efficient door-to-door transportation services for students admitted at the school. Every driver we hire is skilled and experienced and owns a valid license and vehicle insurance.

The driver can be contacted at +919731389105